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Cogito Ergo Omnis Est

Originally posted on Oct 29 2012

Hello, I’m Cesar Felipe. I call this site my Mindstream. (You’ll see why that’s clever at a later date.)
So much has been said about how ideas change the world, no matter how simple—sometimes due to their very simplicity, in fact. But ideas on their own don’t change the world. Ideas are seeds. They grow on imagination, perseverance, and utter purpose. Only with growth can ideas become significant and valuable, fulfill their potential, and affect people’s lives to their full capability.

What I’m trying to say is that ideation changes the world.

The very idea that ideas actually have the potential for such incredible value is, by itself, quite a valuable idea. (Not to mention, very meta.) However, an idea requires a peculiar mind in order to be born and develop. And mind is more than enough to change the world a myriad times over.

It’s all a process of potentially infinite complexity. Ultimately, a mind is capable of creating everything.
But enough about that idea for now. Let’s just say that I will be conveying what’s on my mind here. For now, though, I’ll be focusing on Alpha Risk. But that doesn’t mean I won’t be doing other things on the side, especially around here. Soon I’ll begin with a general outline of Ideations, and then hopefully start working on the Playlist page. We’ll see how it goes from there.

See you beyond!

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